Wavy X Kajsa Melchior Grotto plate

Serving plate made in collaboration with independent designer Kajsa Melchior. Inspired by the process of erosion, and how to create natural forms in an artificial environment. 

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Grotto serving plate - Small

This project seeks for distinction between the thinking mind and the thinking body. Man finds comfort in nature, but creates comfort in the objects she designs. These different approaches of interest and the varying aesthetic and functional outcomes they can result in is an essential topic in this work. 

Grotto serving plate detailing - Large
Grotto serving plate - Large

The products are originally made from sand molding using alabaster. Each formation has to cure in the sand mold for about 12 hours before it can be liberated from the sand and then translated into Jesmonite.

Size small & large. Large measures ca 40 cm and small 30cm Ø.

Exposure and inducing are two main components in the process. It's a collaboration between sand and designer, where the sand’s physical properties and expressions has been both the prerequisites and the limitations. With the human body as an exposing force the products could be seen as castings of a dialogue about creation between man and matter.

Jesmonite detailing
Grotto serving plate - Large
Fresh fruit from our garden
Grotto serving plate top - Small

The plates comes in two sizes and each piece is unique so variations in look will occur. If interested please send us an email and we can send images of each specific plate. The large measures ca 40x20 and the small 30x15 and are all made from Jesmonite.